11133762_10200573648981526_6570914425080087638_nI have been teaching Speech Communications since 1992.  I began my teaching career at San Francisco State and then taught at the University of San Francisco before leaving the fog and cold behind and moving to sunny San Diego. As a full time speech professor at San Diego Miramar College, I have had the opportunity to teach and lead projects.

When I am not working, I am enjoying my family.  I have a fabulous husband and two wonderful sons.  As you can see my boys are all grown up but whenever possible we spend quality time together. Yes, there is a third boy in the photo, this is our foreign exchange student who lived with us for a year. You’ll hear all about my amazing family throughout the semester in my stories.


congratsLearn how to study and learn!
Over the years, I have worked with thousands of students, many of whom need that gentle nudge to really succeed in college. But for all of them, I have found that that nudge cannot come from an external source if it is going to help them long term, but it needs to be something they find inside. So, I’ve created a couple of tools to help all students learn how to succeed in college. Now you get the bonus of having that taught to you right here!

Speech Classes I Teach

Comm 99- Voice and Diction for the Non-Native Speaker
Coms 103- Oral Communication
Coms 135- Interpersonal Communication
Coms 180- Intercultural Communication

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