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+When you first get assigned a speech, moving through the following steps will help you prepare and even, make you less nervous!*

1. Really read through the assignment. Know exactly what is required of you.

2. Develop the top of the outline to help you focus your message.

3. If it is part of your assignment, conduct the research needed to fulfill requirements.

4. Outline the speech.

5. Helping to make sure the audience understands your speech.

6. Develop your visual aids

7. Practice a minimum of 3 times, remember the first two don’t count because during the first two practices you are alone, not timing yourself and just trying to work through the speech and write your note cards.

**On the day of your speech, relax, try not to practice! Believe it or not, that will make you more nervous so JUST RELAX.

7. After the speech, don’t forget to review it. Learning what you did well and what you can improve upon is the most important step in improving your speaking skills! (extra grade sheets are in the information packet!)

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