The Day of the Exam

The day of the exam is NO different than any other day and it should not create anymore anxiety on you then any other day. So get plenty of rest the night before, eat normally and healthy and follow your daily routine.  

When you get to the class:

1.       Make sure you have a spare pen or pencil; I can’t tell you how stressful it is to have a pen run out during an exam!

2.      Arrive a little early, being late will only make you more rushed and definitely more stressed.

3.      When the exam is handed out PUT YOUR NAME ON IT! Then breathe and when you finally relax take a few minutes and read the instructions. You would not believe how many students completely bomb on an exam because they do not follow the directions (because they never read them…).

4.      Break down the questions into easiest to difficult.

5.      Start with the easiest questions.

6.      If you don’t know an answer to a question just skip it BUT don’t get nervous that makes the rest of the exam harder, just chalk it up as something you still need to learn for the next exam.

7.      Budget your time so you can answer every question because you never want to leave a question blank- NEVER!  

8.     Read over your answers and double check to make sure that you answered everything.

9.      When you get out of the exam, look up all the questions you weren’t sure about.

10.  Go relax! It’s just an exam… not a life or death situation.

Listen to the experts (college students!)


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